This is a resources page, where I will be placing links to either people or organizations and things I refer to in posts, or just interesting finds that are in line with the ethos of my blog. If you know of something that you think would be a good addition, drop me a line! I’m always interested in finding out what others have discovered 🙂

  • Buy Me Once, a book I read, whose mission of sustainability and buying items for their longevity is something I feel we should all support.
  • Tara Brach, Tara Brach is a psychologist whose blended Western psychology with Eastern spiritual practices. I’ve listened to hundreds of hours of her talks, which she offers freely on her website and podcast players.
  • Minimalist Baker, is an excellent source of plant based recipes, though she’s not strictly vegan or vegetarian. Here is a link to her Black Bean Buddha Bowl which is one of my favorites and just an overall satisfying meal. It hits all the bases for me. Don’t forget to make the dressing! It’s delicious on its own, and I make it to put on roasted veg sometimes.
  • Yoga with Adriene, is a Youtuber who puts out some of the best vinyasa flows I’ve ever practiced, and I’ve been to a lot of yoga studios. So when you need a good workout and want to realign your mind with your sit-bones, Adriene’s got your back!
  • Mint, This powerful and free little budgeting app is great to keep track of just about everything financial. You link accounts and investments so you can get an overview of your financial situation all in one place. You can create budgets, set up bill pay reminders, and even look at graphs and charts of spending trends! You can do just about everything except transfer or move funds around.
  • Bullet Journaling, Is a system of journaling I use, developed by Ryder Carroll. The system he developed is pretty basic and straightforward. But there is a large community of bullet journalers who have taken the method and applied their own unique take on the practice, creating an artform. A quick google search will yield plenty of ideas to get you started if your interested in taking organization to the next level.
  • Brene Brown, A research professor at Houston University, Brene has written books on coming to terms with our own vulnerability and cultivating courage.
  • Raising your Inner Voice with Jay Foss, A radio show and podcast hosted by a friend of mine whose vision of helping others to be the best version of themselves helps us to be the best version of ourselves, is something I believe in and feel is at the heart of building a robust community.
  • Dave Ramsey, An American radio personality whose mission is to get as many people out of debt as possible. He lays out his basic plan in 7 simple steps that he calls the baby steps and has a radio show you can access online. If you’ve ever had questions about money basics, or how to get out of debt, there is a good chance that Dave covered it in one of his shows (he has 3 hours of shows a day!)
  • Every Dollar App, This app is for budgeting and has been developed by Dave Ramsey’s team. It’s straightforward and easy to use when you’re out in the real world, in real time spending money. You just open the app and add a transaction. You can then go back into the different functions of the app, such as how much money you’ve budgeted for each category and see if you’re hitting your goals. I use this app in conjunction with Mint, so I can get a clear overview of how I’ve allocated my finances and where they go during the month. It also helps to write notes along with the transactions, so items don’t get overlooked when bundled together.
  • Analogue Budgeting, Here’s a link to The Penny Hoarder, a site that specifically deals with the ins and outs of budgeting. This particular article is about how to set up a bullet journal budget, or at least some ideas to get you started.
  • Environmental Working Group: This is a link to a nonprofit that has been doing research on chemicals found in household products including, cleaning, beauty, food and more. They’ve been doing their research since 1993 and are also active in advocating for policy change in these industries. So if you’re curious about what’s in the products you have in your house, you should definitely check this website out.
  • Bluesign: This Swiss based company helps to give companies the information they need to run their business in a more sustainable way. Focusing on the environmental impact and worker safety.
  • The Green Star Project: The Purpose of this project is, “To amend the widespread gold star rating system by incorporating a second independent green star rating system based on social and environmental impact”.
  • Ethical Consumer: Is, “We are an independent, not-for-profit, multi-stakeholder co-operative with open membership, based in Manchester. We provide all the tools and resources you need to make choices at the checkout simple, informed and effective.” They have a considerable list of companies using ethical practices to produce the goods, from clothing to banking.
  • Better World Shopper: Is a website that focuses on the degree to which companies use ethical standards to produce their product.
  • The Whole Food Diary: Is a woman’s journey through supporting her family, people, planet and personal health in every day choices.
  • Fairtrade Certified: “The Fair Trade Certified™ seal represents thousands of products, improving millions of lives, protecting land and waterways in 45 countries and counting. Purchases have sent $740 million to farmers and workers since 1998”
  • The Good Trade: “The Good Trade is the premier resource for sustainable fashion and lifestyle content, annually reaching 50M highly-engaged readers across web, newsletter, & social.”
  • Investopedia: This site goes over the basics of investing, so you can build you financial vocabulary. It covers everything from student loan debt to buying a home to saving for retirement and more. You should still probably seek out a financial advisor, but this site will help you get your bearings on what some of what you’re looking into means.

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