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No labels living is about living a life that is void of the critical judgements we so often hear in the day to day and maybe more importantly, from ourselves. It is a place to build community, find belonging with each other and ourselves, but also a place to heal. Ourselves and our environment. And to also find the resources that give us and our surroundings the self-care and care we need to be the best versions of ourselves.


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I’ve been writing for a while now. It started out with journals, no real direction, just half-hearted attempts to get down on paper the thoughts and feelings that were floating around in me in no organized fashion…

Resourcing: What Does That Even Mean?

Resourcing. This is a word I knew very little about until a few years ago. It was about the time I started to listen to dharma talks from Tara Brach, a Buddhist psychologist, who would often reference these things called “resources”. I just went along with it, not giving it a lot of thought. But … Continue reading “Resourcing: What Does That Even Mean?”

Recycling: Are We Really Making a Difference?

I remember reading and hearing about how China is refusing our recyclable materials about two years ago. It was concerning to find out we were shipping our trash to other countries, but to learn that we are no longer able to, and furthermore that I haven’t heard any news since I found this out, left … Continue reading “Recycling: Are We Really Making a Difference?”

Shopping From Your Pantry First: Save Money, Eat Fresher

I’ve recently been looking at my cupboards lately with some concern. I have rows of dried goods stacked neatly in mason jars. Bottles of tea, 18 of them, lined up neatly next to one another, below the mason jars and next to the large collection of cooking oils I have. There are also the usual … Continue reading “Shopping From Your Pantry First: Save Money, Eat Fresher”

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